How it Works?

Beam up

How can you travel with Mayna?

Mayna travels you with 16-seated special busses. You only need to select to departure and landing location, rest is belong to Mayna.

Download the App

Mayna is in Google Play and Apple Appstore, basically you can download us from everywehere.

Book a Travel

Open Mayna and choose the desired location you want to go.

Magic Happens, You Arrived!

A Mayna Bus comes to your location picks you up and transfer you to your destination.

Precious Client Reviews

Listen Mayna from daily users.

" Mayna fixed my daily commute problem, my home and school are separeted thus it was hard but not now. "

- Jeanna Phil Student

" The distance between the hospital where I work and my house was very far, I had to make 3 transfers beforehand. Thanks to Mayna, I can reach immediately. "

- Barbara McIntosh M.D

" Everytime, when I have to meet my friends, I am thinking about where to park the car. Thanks to Mayna, this is no longer a problem. "

- Carl Oliver Business Person

" Before, I was spending dozens of hours a month on transportation and worrying, but not anymore. Thanks to Mayna, my life has changed. "

- Christa Smith Manager

" I was tired of waiting for hours, an inconsistent system and standing up. I am grateful to Mayna for saving me. "

- Dean Tolle Developer

" A well-deserved transportation system of the 21st century. Thanks Mayna for providing this to our life. "

- Jill Webb Designer

Wanna try Mayna?

First try of every user in Mayna is free. We believe, this will prove our quality to you.