Frequently Asked Questions

Requesting a Trip

1. Open the Mayna App
2. Click on the “Request a Ride” button
3. Select the trip type
4. Select the pickup location
5. Select the drop-off location
6. Select the date and time
7. Select the number of passengers
8. Click on the “Request” button

Before a trip starts, your app provides an ETA for when your bus should arrive at your pickup location.
After your trip starts, your app provides an ETA for when you should arrive at your desired destination.
Please note that ETA times are estimates and not guaranteed. A variety of external factors like traffic or road construction can impact travel time.

Tap to On-boarding button on the center of the screen.
1. Show your camera to the QR code in the bus.
2. Wait for the driver to confirm your trip.
3. You will be notified when your trip is confirmed.
4. See your seat number and driver name on the app.
5. enjoy your trip!


1. Tap the white bar at the bottom of your screen that says "Finding your trip"
2. Tap "Cancel"
3. Tap "NO" to keep your ride, or "YES, CANCEL" to cancel


1. Tap the bar at the bottom of your screen showing your driver's information
2. Tap "Cancel Trip"
3. Tap "NO" in order to keep the ride, or "YES, CANCEL" to cancel and accept the fee

NOTE: A cancellation fee may apply if you cancel after you're matched with a driver.
These fees pay driver-partners for the time and effort they spend getting to your location

In a Trip

Once you’ve selected a vehicle type for your trip, the app may recommend a nearby “Pickup spot” or multiple “Quick pickup” points. These suggested locations are meant to make pickups easier and faster for you. You’ll see these as dots on the map.

When you request a ride, your app sends your request to nearby drivers. After you're matched with a driver, your app shares info about the vehicle and driver headed to your pickup location.
Tap the bar that includes the driver's name, photo, and vehicle. This displays a photo of your bus along with the vehicle's make, model, and license plate number.

In some locations, a per-minute wait time fee will begin a few minutes after your bus arrives at your location.
If your trip is canceled and you are charged a cancellation fee, you will not be charged for wait time.

We have amazing teams that checks up every ride include yours. So there won't be any problem like your vehicle does not show up.

After my Trip

Ratings allow us to ensure a positive experience for both riders and drivers, so we take them very seriously. Drivers with low ratings may lose access to the app.
When you’re matched with a driver, you can rate the driver’s performance. You can rate the driver by tapping the star icon.

To rate a driver, follow the prompts in the app at the end of the trip. You'll also be asked to rate your driver from the bottom of your emailed receipt.
You may also be able to rate a driver during a trip (depending on your location):
1. Open the app.
2. On the main screen, tap the white screen to expand trip details.
3. Wait your ride to finish.
4. Select the number of stars (1-5) you want to rate your driver.
5. Add a tip if you want to and select "Send."

NOTE: drivers won't see your ratings.

When a trip ends, we automatically send a receipt to the email address on your Mayna account. If you aren't receiving receipts, check the spam or junk folder of this email address. You can review your email address by selecting "Settings" from your app menu. Tap your email address to update it.

Your Mayna account includes a trip history of every ride you've taken. To review:
1. Select "Your Trips" from the app menu.
2. Select a past trip.
3. You can review the trip's route, pickup location and final destination.
4 For a full breakdown of your fare, tap Receipt.

Good news for everyone! We don't and won't have recurring charges or membership fees for using Mayna. You are only charged for the rides you take.

Support Questions

Drop an email for us, we'll get it back to you in no time. We're here to help!

Mayna guarantees you will be safe on your trip. We're here to help!
If something happens to you, we'll get to you ASAP. Please call us.
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