The Public Transportation Revolution

Mayna is comfort-focused fast and on-demand public transportation app. Just Press the GO Button, We'll Be There

Comfort-focused Public Commute

Get where you want to go on time, get a personal seat while commuting.

Transportation is a right, not a privilege!

Forget about the old generation, late arrivals, on-foot trips. Mayna is here.

You Get the Ride, We'll Take the Stress out of Transportation

Get personalized seat and a personalized route whilst commute.

Today, we're only in Turkey, but tommorow we'll be in your city!

For now, we're pilotting with city of Ankara. In 2 years we plan to operational in 3 continents.

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Mayna is the ride you want.

Sometimes public transportation can be convenient, but not very comfortable. The solution to this problem is here. Mayna is a comfort-focused public transportation app that helps people to commute from their location to where they want to go by using 16-seated empty vehicles.

1 seconds

to Book, travel and enjoy

Mayna is reinventing transportation using 16-seated vehicles to provide quick, affordable and comfortable travel.


Stay focused on your needs.

You just focus on your life, we'll take care of the commute part.

Convenient, affordable, fast, excellent.

Car ownership will soon be a thing of the past. We are here to help eliminate transportation congestion by helping citizens to take a comfort-focused ride.

One tap to ride!

Do you want to know when we'll be your city.

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